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Green Lion G-40 Coffee Maker Set ( 8 in 1 Kit )

Green Lion G-40 Coffee Maker Set ( 8 in 1 Kit )

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The Green Lion G-40 Coffee Maker Set is the ultimate 8-in-1 kit for coffee lovers of all levels! With everything you need to make the perfect cup of coffee, this set is sure to help you experience coffee like never before. Start with a hundred high-quality paper filters to ensure a smooth and particle-free cup of coffee. Then, use the glass server and 600ml coffee kettle for precise pouring. The included coffee grinder allows you to grind your beans to the perfect consistency, while the glass dripper helps you brew a crisp and flavorful cup of coffee. To precisely measure your brew, you'll also receive a timer scale. A handy coffee spoon and 250ml mug are also included, so you can enjoy your creations right away. Finally, store everything neatly in the chic PU bag. With the Green Lion G-40 Coffee Maker Set, you can experience coffee at its finest.


100pcs Paper Filters
600ml Coffee Kettle
600ml Glass Server
Coffee Grinder
Glass Dripper
Coffee Spoon
250ml Mug
Timer Scale
PU Bag

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