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Oraimo Firefly 3 10W Fast Charging Charger Kit with Lightning Cable

Oraimo Firefly 3 10W Fast Charging Charger Kit with Lightning Cable

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Product Parameters:

Charger Type:
Input: 100-240V-50/60Hz, 0.35A
Output: 5.0V = 2.0A 10.0W
Type: Lightning

Product Features:

2A Fast-charging
Efficient and Stable
It has stable charging at 2A max speed and 100-240V wide input voltagte, quickly restores power to your device.

*Charge iPh14 to 70% in 1h.
Charge Galaxy S22 to 70% in 1.2h.

Fire-proof and Anti-slip
Premium Durable Material
Its flame retardant material has higher fire-proof rating of V0 and the liquid silicone rubber inside improves the stability of components , which provides a secure protection under full-load work and high temperature condition.

Multi-protection System
Refuse the Risk of Explosion
Equipped with premium Lithium polymer chip, which is not just safe, but also provides a higher conversion rate, stable voltage and reliable circuit protection.


Powered by AniFast™ Technology
Widely Compatible
Equipped with oraimo's exclusive chip, AniFast™ charger can intelligently identify the fast-charging protocol of your device to deliver the speediest possible charge.

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